Increase Productivity

ikonnect RMS helps you to control the variable expense STAFF. The detailed data it provides about individual staff and their productivity enables you to make quick staffing decisions that can reduce costs and increase profit ikonnect RMS intuitive interface minimizes training time, which takes a bite out of the high cost of turnover

Enables Flexibility

ikonnect RMS many features allow you to serve guests more effectively. With proper authorization, you can quickly make any changes in menu from any ikonnect RMS workstation. These changes immediately effective throughout the network. Management can take decisions their menu depending on the flow of customers

Reduce Labour Costs

With ikonnect RMS no food or beverage is prepared unless it has been entered into the point-of-sale, preventing mistakes and/or omissions from the guests bill. comprehensive reporting capabilities also enables you to protect and build profits by helping identify the best and worst selling menu items, and more

Prevents Loss & Increase Efficiency

Vacant & Occupied Rooms Expected & Actual Arrivals / Departures of the Day Room Availability by Room Types / Room Guest Expected / Blocked Rooms / Compliment Rate Set up by Room Type and Season Discount Control Option

Provides Return On Investment

ikonnect RMS starts paying for itself from the moment it’s installed. By eliminating manual errors, automating manual processes, It will enhance your quality of life by on-demand reporting, both current and historical, providing restaurateurs with organized, detailed data required for staffing, menu management and more. Interactive links allow dynamic drill down capabilities all the way to check detail, from any workstation on the system