ikonnect PMS

Front Office Management

The core IKonnect PMS system includes a complete reservation module designed for use while the guest is on the phone. Reservations can be made for a single room or multiple rooms to accommodate the requirements of an individual guest, family, group, or large. The system finds available rooms for a given date in the future, checks the past guest file, calculates rates and displays packages, all within seconds. Extensive yield management capabilities are available to help maximize average daily rate and occupancy

Comprehensive Current Room Status At A Glance

Vacant & Occupied Rooms Expected & Actual Arrivals / Departures of the Day Room Availability by Room Types / Room Guest Expected / Blocked Rooms / Compliment Rate Set up by Room Type and Season Discount Control Option


Instant Access to Central & Group Reservation Single Guest Reservation Group Blocking and Management Facility Multiple Folios Capability per group and group members Fast Entry function for rooms lists Integrated with central billing & A/R to handle folios and settlements Customer relation & bulk mailing support Detailed retention of guest history Rate Element

Front Desk

Fast group check in / check out function House transfer / shift change Flash report / Manager report/ Passer by Swift checkout Advance folio Blocked rooms / Management rooms Unlimited bill splitting Room upgrading with auto folio transfer Guest messaging


Authentication, Initiating and Completion of Night Audit Processing Accounts Receivable & payable City ledger transfer Cashier report Collection summary Guest ledger balance Guest tracking / history Detailed retention of guest history for management Ability to track the previous details of the guest Complementary Issues Revenue and Payments Posting Controls